About us

Who we are

Dominion Science Center is a small non-profit organization In Centre County, PA, providing hands-on science and art exhibits at various temporary venues such as art festivals and conferences.  Our goal is to have a permanent location someday so that our exhibits won’t have to be in storage most of the time, but until then we’ll keep “popping up” here and there.

Left:  Exhibit builder Ellen McHenry with some of her creations.  Center:  Hannah Lysczek looks at a luna moth with young visitors.  Right:  A volunteer operates the three-pendulum rotary harmonograph drawing machine.


Our educational philosophy

In this age of high-tech everything, low-tech is still fun!  Gears, wheels, tops, funnels, magnets, pendululms and puzzles are timeless. It’s good for us to get away from our screens once in a while and enjoy learning the old-fashioned way.   Exhibits don’t have to drain the energy grid in order to be fun and educational.  As much as possible, we stay away from things that plug in.  A few things run on batteries, but most things run on human energy.


Our world view

Every person and every organization has a world view.  Ours is the same as Galileo’s and Newton’s.  They saw no conflict between their science and their faith.  Newton once said, “This most beautiful Universe could only proceed from the dominion (mind) of an intelligent and powerful Being.”  Galileo was forced to choose between his science and his faith, something we don’t think anyone should ever have to do.   We also believe, as they did, in being truly scientific and not compromising science in order to conform to any religious or political dogma.